About Us

TheApkStore.com is a web portal (website) from where you can download all kinds of APK apps for Android, Windows, MAC. You can download any APK file from our site for free.

We started this website with the aim to provide a better place for internet users to download any kind of APK files.

You can also submit your request to publish your App to our website. Simply contact us at Rahul@quaries.com, or visit our contact us page.

Who Run TheApkStore?

The website is run by a small group of techies. One day we decided to create a better Web Portal for the users to download Apk apps, and as a response, we launch the TheApkStore.

We do all the research about all the latest and trending apps so we can add them to our platform.

How To We Make Profit?

Right now, we don’t have so much traffic, and we are just in the beginning phase. Once we will have the decent, then we have the plan to monetise the platform with ads, affiliates and sponsored posts.

To run the website, we require serval resources and need money to pay for them. By monetising the website, we can manage our expenses and make some profit.

What Is Our Goal With TheApkStore?

Our goal is to make a transparent and reliable APK store. Our main focus for the future is to expand our APK Apps library.